20 selected international festivals, which the Sofia International Film Festival visits through the year:

Rotterdam – January

Berlin – February

Istanbul – April

Wiesbaden – April

Cannes – May

Cluj – June

Moscow – June

Karlovy Vary – June

Sarajevo – July

Yerevan – July

Jerusalem – July

Locarno – August

Venice – August/September

San Sebastian – September

Warsaw – October

Ghent – October

London – October

Cottbus – November

Thessaloniki – November

Talinn – November/December

SIFF's director Stefan Kitanov and SIFF's deputy director and head of Sofia Meetings, Mira Staleva, travel mostly on those festivals. In some years, the list varies and the festivals in the following cities could be visited instead some of the above mentioned: Trieste, Plzen, Vilnius, Vologda, Odessa, Sankt Peterburg, London, Mar De Plata, Gijon, Lece, Bari, Adana, Torino, etc.