14-th Jameson Short Film Award


with JAMESON SHORT FILM AWARD for Bulgarian short films

The authors of short films have little more than a month until the deadline for submission of applications for participation in the traditional Jameson Short Film Award contest. Sofia International Film Festival and Jameson Irish Whiskeyexpect movies that qualify for participation, to apply for the prize of € 6,000 no later than January 10, 2017

In early February wе'll announce 12 contenders for the top prize and the international jury of the 21st SIFF will indicate the winner.

Jameson Short Film Award selection committee for 2017:

Alexander Stanishev - director of photography
Anastas Punev - cinema critic
Ivan Barnev - actor
Kristina Grozeva - director
Toma Washarov - director, JAMESON Award winner for 2016

The deadline for inscription in the upcoming edition is January 10 2017. All films financed above 50% by Bulgarian sources and shorter than 30 minutes, shot after February 1st, 2016 and complying with competition requirements can register. Application forms are filled in English after registering at the Sofia International Film Festival website https://vp.eventival.eu/siff/2017
Films must be submitted ONLINE. For more information you can see detailed Regulations for JSFA, attached below.

Seventeen years after its establishment the JAMESON Award is still serious  motivation for Bulgaria’s film directors. Jameson Irish Whiskey and the European Association of Film Festivals’ joint initiative Jameson Short Film Award was initially awarded at 18 festivals in various locations around the world and began in Bulgaria in 2003. In recent years the Jameson Award has only been awarded in Bulgaria and Ireland.

Jameson Award – the winners 2003-2016

2016    RED LIGHT, director Toma Washarov
2015    GINKA, director Antonia Milcheva
2014    CASABLANCA, director Kolyo Karamfilov
2012    MORNING, director Neda Morfova
2011    TRAINS, director Pavel Vesnakov
2010    FAIRY TALES, director Nikolay Vasilev
2009    3 SISTERS AND ANDREY, directorи Andrey Paunov, Boris Despodov
2008    FAMILY THERAPY, director Petar Valchanov
2007    THE MINUTES AFTER, director Nikolay Todorov
2006    BLACK AND WHITE, director Andrey Tsvetkov
2005    BEFORE LIFE, AFTER DEATH, director Drago Sholev
2004    LIFE WITH SOFIA, director Svetla Tsotsorkova
2003    YELLOW, director Ivan Roussev  

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