The Bulgarian premiere of „RHEINGOLD“ is in the 27th Sofia International Film Festival's programme

Gangsters and emigrant's troubles, combined with Xatar's rap music in Fatih Akin's new box office hit

The latest boxoffice hit by the world famous German director Fatih AKIN "RHEINGOLD" is inspired by the fate of the famous German rapper of Kurdish origin Giwar Hajabi, known as Xatar. His parents prepare to flee Iran, but after Saddam Hussein's regime attacks the Kurdish minority, they are captured and imprisoned. After their emigration to Germany, the family tries to lead a normal life. In 2009, 28-year-old Giwar took part in the robbery of a truck carrying gold and fled with his accomplices and the loot of 1.7 million euros to Iran. After being extradited to Germany, he was imprisoned and despite of that fact he continued to run his music business from his prison cell and even illegally recorded an album that was released in 2012.
Xatar is one of the most famous rappers in the German-speaking world, having released six studio albums, sold in thousands of copies. In addition to his musical activities, Xatar expanded his entrepreneurial work with a fast food company, a famous hookah lounge bar, a tobacco brand and jewelry and clothing design for Massari. The Xatar's story is the inspiration for "RHEINGOLD" - the latest Fatih Akin's film, based on the rapper's autobiographical novel "All or nothing: We say the world belongs to you''. The life of an immigrant in Germany offers many opportunities, but also obstacles - Giwar transforms himself from a petty criminal to a serious drug dealer. After a disappearance of a parcel with drugs, the famous gold heist is organized in order to clear the debts to the cartel... Fatih Akin is the screenwriter and director of the film, the cinematographer is Rainer Klausmann, the music producer is Ralf Kemper, the main cast includes the actors Emilio Sakraya, Mona Pirzad, Kardo Razzazi, Ilyes Raoul, Sogol Faghani, Hüseyin Top, Arman Kashani and others. The producers of the film are Fatih Akin, Nurhan Şekerci-Porst and Herman Weigel.

The world famous German director Fatih AKIN was born in Hamburg in 1973 in a Turkish family. He studied visual communications at the Hamburg College of Fine Arts. He made his feature film debut in 1998 with "Short Sharp Shock". He won the Golden Bear in Berlin in 2004 for the film "Head-On". With his next film "The Edge of Heaven" Akin received the award for Best Screenplay at Cannes, four German Film Awards and the European Film Award for Best screenplay. "Soul Kitchen" won the Special Jury Prize in Venice in 2009 and a "Golden Lion" nomination. "The Cut" was also nominated for the most prestigious award in Venice 2014, and the wonderful "Goodbye Berlin" won the Young Audience Award at the European Film Awards in 2017. That same year, Diane Kruger wowed the jury at Cannes and was awarded Best Actress in Akin's "In the Fade", which was also awarded the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film in early 2018.

All of Fatih Akin's films have been presented in various programs of the Sofia Film Festival over the years.
His latest film "Rheingold" will be in the 27th Sofia Film Festival's programme in March!

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