CINEMA HOUSE, member of EUROPA CINEMAS, together with MUBI grant free access to quality cinema


Cinema House and Sofia Film Festival have a surprise for their loyal fans!

You can get free access to the wonderful art-house streaming platform MUBI. To do that, simply apply to become a member of the virtual club of Cinema House at press@siff.bg and you will receive a link to MUBI's extensive library.

"MU•BI [mōō'bē] Adjective, verb, noun.
1. An online movie theater where you watch, discover, and discuss auteur cinema
2. A city in Nigeria

MUBI is not just about discovering wonderful new cinema or classic masterpieces. It’s also about discussing and sharing these discoveries, which makes us like a small coffee shop… a place where you can gather and talk about alternative endings, directors’ cuts, and whatever those frogs in Magnolia meant. Heated debates and passionate arguments are welcome. Are you in the mood for cinema? Welcome to MUBI."

We're waiting for the most passionate #CINEMA fans and loyal members of #DomNaKinoto film club!

This initiative is in partnership with Europa Cinemas.