Oscar winner Jan Sverák will present his latest film "Betlémské svetlo" at the 27th Sofia International Film Festival

A retrospective with his films will be presented at the Czech Centre in Sofia in March

Jan Sverák is the biggest star of contemporary Czech cinema. His graduation film from the famous Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), the short "Oil Gobblers / Ropáci", won an Oscar for student film, and in 1996 Sverák, aged 31, won another Oscar for Best foreign language film with his famous film "Kolya". Over the past 30 years, Jan Sverák made 15 feature, short and documentary films, most of which won prestigious international awards and were distributed in cinemas around the world.

Sverák's latest film "Bethlehem Light" ("Betlémské svetlo") introduces the audience to the world of a writer, in which persistently intervene characters from his own stories! They appear to remind him of some major questions we all face constantly. How to fulfill our own expectations of a better existence without destroying everything we have?...

Jan Sverák again relies on the creative partnership with his father and co-author of the script – Zdenek Sverák, who is entrusted with the main role in the film; the acting team also includes Daniela Kolárová, Vojtech Kotek, Tereza Ramba, Vladimír Javorský and others. "Bethlehem Light" is a fantasy-comedy made in the best traditions of Czech cinema.

Jan Sverák will be a special guest at the 27th Sofia International Film Festival in partnership with the Czech Center and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia - with their support a retrospective of his most successful films will be presented, including the Oscar winner "Kolya".

Wait for the special meeting with Jan Sverák and his new film "Bethlehem Light"  at the 27th Sofia International Film Festival in March 2023!