The world famous director Milcho Manchevski will be the president of the International jury of 27th Sofia International Film Festival 2023

He will present his newest film "KAYMAK". The Bulgarian audience will have the opportunity to see a retrospective of his films in Sofia in March

There is hardly any moviegoer who has closely followed the trends and development of the cinema art and does not know the work of the great North Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski. In the last few decades, Sofia International Film Festival presents his films, making impressive visual impact with its masterful film-making skills. His outstanding debut "Before the Rain" (nominated for an Oscar, winning 11 awards at the Venice IFF, including "Golden Lion") was shown in the Sofia Film Festival's programmne in 90s, and in 2020 Manchevski was again a guest in Sofia - to present his film "Willow" and to receive the Special Sofia Film Festival Award.

His latest film "Kaymak" tells a very unusual, touching, unconventional and poignant love story involving two couples in unconventional erotic relationships. Simultaneously with the theme of the eternal search for love, the film unravels darker issues of everyday life and the present - surrogate parenting, adultery, women's role in the family and society, human trafficking, sexual freedom.

Manchevski continues working with the young actress Sara Klimoska and the wonderful Kamka Tocinovski, whom we've seen in "Vrba" and other films. "Kaymak" is a co-production between North Macedonia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Croatia, and its world premiere was at the end of October 2022 at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Milcho Manchevski was born in 1959 in Skopje; graduated in film and photography from the University of Southern Illinois, USA. Before devoting himself to cinema, he made experimental films, as well as music videos for world-famous artists. After being nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Lion in Venice in 1994, his masterpiece "Before the Rain" entered the "Best 1000 Movies of All Time" list, winning another 30 awards at international festivals. Shortly after the worldwide success of "Before the Rain", Milcho Manchevski moved to New York, where he taught directing at the Faculty of Arts, Film and Television at New York University.

The 27th Sofia International Film Festival will present a complete retrospective of Milcho Manchevsky's work.

Meeting with Milcho Manchevski and his new film "Kaymak" - at the 27th Sofia Film Fest in March!