Andrey Konchalovskiy "Paradise" ("Ray") - at 21-st Sofia Film Fest!

Today were announced the nine films selected by the American Film Academy in the "short list" for foreign language Oscar upcoming nominations. The newest film by legendary Andrey Konchalovskiy, along with Maren Ade's "Toni Erdmann", is among the special highlights in 21-st Sofia Film Festival's porogramme (9-19 March 2017).

The premiere of "Paradise" was a few months ago at 73-rd film festival in Venice - the oldest of all film forums, which along with Cannes and Berlin has the honor and privilege to "set the tone" in the world of film festivals. The "Silver Lion" award for Best Director was received by two filmmakers - Andrey Konchalovskiy for "Paradise" and Amat Escalante for his film "The Untamed".

"Paradise" tells the fascinating story about the fates of three people - Olga, Jules and Helmut, whose paths cross in the merciless destruction of World War II. The cast includes Yuliya Vysotskaya, Christian Klaus, Philip Dyuken, Peter Kurth, Viktor Sukhorukov etc.

"History is full of great tragedies, most of which remain in our minds as ancient misdeeds that couldn’t possibly be replicated in the present day. One of the most terrifying moments of our generation’s history was the rise of the Nazi party and the extermination of millions of Jews and others who did not fit into the Nazi ideal of a “perfect” German “paradise.” These atrocities exposed the depths of mankind’s capabilities for evil and although these events happened in the past, the same kind of radical and hateful thinking is apparent today and threatening the lives and safety of many around the world. Paradise reflects on a twentieth century filled with great illusions buried in ruins, the dangers of hateful rhetoric and the need for mankind to use the power of love to triumph over evil." Andrey Konchalovskiy

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