Dimiter Marinov will be a member of the International Jury of the 28th Sofia Film Festival

The actor will present the two latest films with his participation.

After the worldwide success shared by the festival audience in 2019, when Dimiter Marinov became the first Bulgarian to hold the Oscar for Best Film in his hands, the Hollywood actor will be a guest of the Sofia International Film Festival again - this time as a member of the International Jury.

Dimiter Marinov will personally present the last two films with his participation - "Pickled Herring" and "Karaganda".

"Pickled Herring" is the debut short film of the American actress, writer and stand-up comedian Milana Vayntrub. She began her career making YouTube videos amounting over 11 million views, then turned her web content into an MTV pilot. She is also recognized as an actress for her role as Sloane on the NBC dramatic series This Is Us and as a writer of the long-running TV animated series Robot Chicken. Milana herself plays the role of Irina, the main character who gets her dream tiny house but breaks her hip and arm in an accident and her husband leaves on a business trip! And then Irina's cynical father (played by Dimiter Marinov) shows up, who, in his usual Soviet manner, wants to save the day by using the opportunity to fix everything in the house except his relationship with his daughter.

The second film that Dimiter Marinov will personally present in the programme of the 28th Sofia International Film Festival is "Karaganda". Its director is Max Weissberg. After destroying a Russian air base in a botched arms deal, the protagonist, Vladimir, is a Brooklyn gangster who must survive the ensuing war with the mafia and protect his family. Marinov stars as a mob boss who owns a coastline diner in Brighton Beach.

Dimiter Marinov's guest appearance is in partnership with the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

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