ENDLESS PERSPECTIVES with the JAMESON award for Bulgarian Short Film

The traditional Jameson Short Film Award is held for the 15th time within the 22nd Sofia Film Fest framework. For the first time JAMESON Irish Whiskey will be the GENERAL SPONSOR of Sofia Film Fest.
The 65 films which have applied for the selection committee’s attention, include different types of works – feature films, documentaries, animations and experimental. All of them have been watched with attention by Irmena Chichikova - actress, Katya Trichkova - producer, Yulian Atanassov - camera operator, Dimitar Drinov - film critic and Veselin Boydev- director, winner of the JAMESON 2017 award.

We all know that in human imagination cinema holds special place and the prospects for different stories can indeed be endless! The International Jury at the 22nd Sofia Film Fest will be given the opportunity to watch 12 of them, materialized in films. Here are the titles:

* Baba (Grandmother), director Roza Kolcharova
* Bagaj (Load), director Svetoslav Stoyanov
* Gorata Na Dimo (Dimo's Forest), director Hristo Simeonov
* Grozna Prikazka (Ugly Fairy Tale), director Radostina Neykova
* Diagnoza (Diagnosis), director Kamen Kolarov
* Jivi Otrajeniya (Reflections Full of Life), director Marieta Pechanska
* Moje Bi Utre (Maybe Tomorrow), director Martin Iliev
* Obir (Robbery), director Maria Nikolova
* Predi I Sled (Before and After), director Dobromir Dimitrov
* Preobrajenie (The Transfiguration), director Stefan Ganov
* Sram (Shame), director Petar Krumov
* Terrror Error, director Alexandar Nachev

The international film festival Sofia Film Fest and Jameson Irish Whiskey thank everybody who has participated in the traditional competition for short films!
The international jury of the 22nd Sofia Film Fest will choose the winner among the selected 12 films, and the award consisting of € 6 000 will be handed to its director at the official award ceremony of Sofia Film Fest – on March 16 2018.

The Jameson Award has become one of the institutions of Sofia Film Fest and together with the International Competition and Sofia Meetings - one of the festival's motors, which launched it in the orbit of significant film events in Central and Eastern Europe. It is our honor to have contributed to the warm connection between Irish whiskey #1 in the world - Jamison and Bulgarian cinema."
(Stefan Kitanov, Director, Sofia Film Fest)

In the history of the brand in Bulgaria, our partnership with Sofia Film Fest is one of the most inspiring. For these 17 years, we have come a long way, we have built great traditions and have managed to provide a beneficial environment for our young filmmakers. We congratulate all the participants and wish them even greater success. The Jameson Award is the first recognition that encourages our young directors to go ahead, develop, dream and ascend other peaks. We will always support them, because Jameson stands behind the brave and talented people who are not afraid to change the world."
(Radi Uzunov, Brand Manager,Jameson Irish Whiskey)

* * *

Founded 18 years ago, the Jameson Award continues to be a serious motivation for the young Bulgarian directors. A joint initiative between Jameson Irish Whiskey and the European Association of Film Festivals, Jameson Short Film Award initially was introduced at 18 festivals in different parts of the world, while here it appeared for the first time in 2003. The last several years the Jameson Award has been given only in Bulgaria and Ireland.

Jameson is an Irish whiskey which is triple distilled, aged and bottled the same way since 1780 – a guarantee for quality and authenticity. The most important is the Jameson recipe, which dates from 220 years ago. Jameson is a brand with rich history and is a part of Ireland's legacy, but feels just as well in modern day Ireland and is a witness of the success of many stars like U2, The Corrs, Riverdance.

Irish Distillers and Pernod Ricard encourage responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption and do not condone its excessive use. Pernod Ricard is a member of social organizations for supporting moderate alcohol consumption.