Sofia International Film Festival expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and our colleagues from the Ukrainian film industry. Our thoughts and hearts are with you!

We strongly oppose Russia’s violations of international law by military action aimed at changing the territorial integrity and sovereignty of an independent European state.

We support the appeal of the European Film Academy, as well as the position of the Bulgarian government and Parliament, the European Union and the UN General Assembly to condemn all hostilities, demand an immediate cease of fire and the withdrawal the Russian army from Ukraine.

We support the protest of all Russian artists and intellectuals who oppose the policies of their government.

We are with you, Oleh Sentsov and Valentyn Vasyanovych!

Oleh Senttsov, director of the film “Rhino”, part of the program of the 26th Sofia Film Festival, is a member of our International Jury and instead of being in Sofia, is currently fighting to protect his loved ones, his city and his country. We share his open letter and uncompromising video from the front.

The director Valentyn Vasyanovych is part of this year festival’s programme with his film “Reflection”.

Now, more than ever in our 21st century, we need John Lennon’s call - GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

The team of the Sofia Film Festival