„GODLESS” by Ralitza Petrova is among the five nominees for the European Discovery 2017 – Prix Fipresci of the European Film Academy

Еuropean Film Academy and EFA Productions announced today the first nominees for the awards 2017 in the categories European Discovery - Prix Fipresci and short films.

Among the five nominees that will compete for the award "Discovery of the year" by FIPRESCI is the Bulgarian film "GODLESS" by Ralitza Petrova (in co-production with Denmark and France). The film debuted in Locarno and won the GOLDEN LEOPARD in 2016 and the big award "Sofia - Cinema City" at the21 Sofia International Film Festival / Международен София Филм Фест, as well as many international awards from film festivals around the world.

The other four nominees in the same category are "Bloody Milk / Petit Paysan" (France), directed by Hubert Charuel; "Lady Macbeth" (UK), directed by William Oldroyd; "Summer 1993 / Estiu 1993" (Spain), directed by Carla Simon, "The Eremites / Die Einsiedler" (Germany), directed by Ronny Trocker. There are 15 short films that will compete for the European Film Awards.

We wish success to the crews of all films! 

In next weeks over 3000 members of the European Film Academy will vote for the films that according to them - deserve a nomination in the diverse categories - for European Film, Director, Actor, Actress, Scriptwriter. The other nominations will be announced on 4 November at the European Film Festival in Seville, Spain. Meanwhile, a jury of 7 members will determine the winners in the categories for best DOP, editor, production designer, costume designer, make-up & hair, composer and sound designer.

The 30th ceremony of the European Film Awards will be on 9 December in Berlin.