Dear guests,

part of the national anti pandemic measures was the closure of all cinemas and as a result part of the programmed screenings of the spring edition of the 25th Sofia Film Festival were postponed. We offer several options for the tickets, purchased for the period 22 March - 8 April 2021:

* You can keep the tickets and use them for some of the forthcoming screenings in April or May (the info about them will be published soon) or for the #Autumn edition of 25th Sofia Film Festival in September 2021.

* You can receive a promo codes for watching films #online equal in numbers to the tickets you've purchased. You can use this option till 11 April 2021. All you need to do is to send us the reservation code of your ticket and to note the film you've chosen to watch online at online.siff.bg > you need to send this information at bilet@siff.bg or give us a call on 0800 18 110.

* You can get your money back

> If you bought your ticket from a box office, you can return it to the box office of the "House of Cinema" - after the lock-down ends and cinemas are officially open.

>> If you bought your ticket online /from our website/ you can return by contacting us at bilet@siff.bg or on the toll-free number 0800 18110.

We need the following information:
• Date and time of payment;
• Name of the cardholder (or kin number, when paying via epay);
• Exact amount of the purchase;
• Email and / or contact phone.

Stay safe!
Sofia Film Festival's team