Mira Staleva, Sofia IFF's executive director and head of Sofia Meetings is among the newly elected members of the EFA's board

The new board of European Film Academy was assembled and started work in March 2022

The working sessions of the newly elected board of the European Film Academy were launched in March. Among the most important priorities of the EFA are the promotion and protection of European cinema and the need for unity within European industry. Another important question is how European industry is responding to the ongoing expansion and growing influence of streaming giants.

The creation of the European Film Academy is an initiative of a group of 40 of Europe's most prestigious filmmakers, gathered in November 1988 to mark the first European Film Awards ceremony. The academy was founded in 1989 and its first president was Ingmar Bergman. He was followed by Wim Wenders, long-time president of EFA, with Agnieszka Holland taking over in 2021. The current chairman of the board is producer Mike Downey. In 2021, Matthijs Wouter Knol was appointed Director and CEO.

The European Film Academy is a community of over 4,200 members active in the film industry and one of its tasks is to promote European cinema, share knowledge and educate audiences of all ages. Positioning itself as the leading organization of all those involved in film-making in Europe, EFA is a mediator in important debates within the industry. The academy strives to unite all those who love European cinema, and the annual culmination is the organization and promotion of the European Film Awards.

Throughout the year, the European Film Academy initiates and participates in a series of events that affect film policies in Europe, as well as the economic, artistic and educational aspects of cinema. The program includes conferences, seminars and workshops, and the overall goal is to build a bridge between creativity and industry.

The election of Mira Staleva as a member of the board of the European Film Academy is another international recognition of the importance and prestige of Sofia Film Festival and Sofia Meetings in European film structures. Sofia International Film Festival is the only Bulgarian film festival accredited by FIAPF, and the director of the festival Stefan Kitanov has been for more than 10 years among the experts advising EFA on the nominations for the European Film Awards.