"How I Learned to Fly" by Radivoje Andrić is among the gala premieres at the 26th Sofia Film Festival

Serbian director Radivoje Andric, well known to Bulgarian viewers with the hits "When I Grow Up, I'll Be a Kangaroo" and "Lightning", will personally present his latest film "How I Learned to Fly" in Sofia.

The project is based on the award-winning novel by the famous children's writer Jasminka Petrovic and was presented in development at Sofia Meetings in 2018. "How I Learned to Fly" is a joint production between Sense Production (Serbia), Kinorama (Croatia), Art Fest (Bulgaria) and Silverart (Slovakia). The film tells a family story through the eyes of a teenage girl. The action takes place on the idyllic island of Hvar, creating a picture of a carefree childhood - both through the way twelve-year-old Sofia perceives the world and from the point of view of her grandmother.

The story captures the moment when the life perspective of the heroine changes so that it marks the beginning of her maturity - this is the moment that every child dreams of and looks forward to, and for which we, the adults, crave. The other main motive is forgiveness and family reconciliation. The film carries the message that the younger generation will rebuild the bridges of friendship and even family ties, unwaveringly based on trust and love.

There is a serious Bulgarian participation in the film - in the acting team is Stefan Shterev, the sound director is Momchil Bozhkov, the team also includes the make-up artists Petya Simeonova and Atanas Temnilov. The production also partners with Maison de Mitko Damov and Bodimed Medical Laboratory. Part of the sound post-production was realized in Dolly Media Studio.

Art Fest (Mira Staleva and Stefan Kitanov) is a minority co-producer of the project, realized in partnership with Doly Media Studio (Dobromir Chochov), with the financial support of the National Film Center Bulgaria, the national film institutions of the co-producing countries, Creative Europe Program MEDIA, Southeast European Film Network and the Pan-European Euroimage Fund.

Radivoje Andrić is one of the most popular contemporary directors not only in Serbia but in the whole of Southeast Europe. The Bulgarian audience is well acquainted with his work, presented at previous editions of Sofia Film Festival - starting with his debut film "Three Palms for Two Punks and a Babe", shown in Bulgaria in 2000, in his second film "Lightning" and several years later - the third, which became an absolute hit, Andrich's film "When I grow up, I will become a kangaroo", shown in Bulgaria in 2004.
“How I Learned to Fly” is Radivoje Andrić's first feature film as a director in 15 years. His return is expected by viewers across the Balkan region. Jasminka Petrovic's book is extremely popular in the countries of the former Yugoslavia and this is an important condition for the film's success. The touching and wonderful story of a family reconciliation is told with a lot of love and a special attitude towards young people. Without a doubt, “How I Learned to Fly” will fill a niche of missing quality teen movies for young people to associate with.


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