Prizewinners from prestigious Worldwide Film Festivals are part of “The Big Awards” at 21-st Sofia Film Fest

The film is an intimate look into the lives of two families forced by the circumstances to share a common apartment. Ernella and Albert have worked in Scotland but return disappointed having nowhere else to go. They turn up at Ernella’s sister, unhappy that they  have always lived in a rented place. As in every family, here we also encounter funny and ironical situations. Besides a story about complex human relationships, the movie accentuates the dramatic clash between raw reality and imagination
“We try to speak about ourselves, our desires, everyday life, our family, children and parents – says Szabolcs Hajdu.  -  When we speak about ourselves, maybe we speak about anybody else. We are not special. We have similar problems. Things are everywhere around us and we just need to notice them and to develop the story. In a film, in a letter, at the bus stop or over the phone – whatever. We forget the formalities and simply tell the story as long as we can.” This is a low-budget picture. The cast includes Hajdu’s entire family – his wife Orsolya and their two children. Szabolcs Hajdu also won Best actor award at Karlovy Vary. 

The Golden Lion winner at Venice“The Woman Who Left” directed by Lav Diaz is inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s short story “God Sees the Truth, But Waits”. It explores the economic inequality in the modern Philippine society – the differences between poor and rich, past and present through the lenses of a woman who spent 30 years of her life in prison without being guilty. 

“...Diaz captures even in the smallest of gestures stories about institutional privilege, cahoots and arrogance that made the social gap in today’s Philippines even bigger. The blending of purity with quiet anger and the impressive stagecraft turns “The Woman Who Left” into one of the most touching and compassionate movies of Lav Diaz. 

Babak Jalali’s “Radio Dreams” (Hivos Tiger Award at Rotterdam) recounts the story of Hamid (cast Mohsen Namjoo, known as the Iranian Bob Dylan), who emigrates in the USA, chasing a writer’s career and “the American dream”. Instead, he finds himself as a radio host at Pars Radio, a Persian radio stationed in San Francisco. There he searches for artistic fulfilment in contrast with the commercial ambitions of the media owners. One day they decided to bring together the first Afghanistan’s rock band and their idols - Metallica. 

“Radio Dreams” is a story about a man in exile who is trying to bring over his culture to San Francisco through the venues of music and art, - says Babak Jalali.  – But he faces the reality of the commercial radio.” 

The movie is a fascinating comedy about different mentalities, cultures, tastes and troubles. Their clash leads to absurd and funny situations.