The latest film of Iglika Triffonova, “Lift for Patients”, to be premiered at the 21-st Sofia Film Fest!

“Lift for Patients”, the new movie by one of the most talented Bulgarian directors, Igika Triffonova, presents the story of two patients whose short encounter in a hospital lift could change their life forever... The film will have its premiere at 21-st Sofia Film fest.     

After the work on her previous film, “The Prosecutor the Defender the Father and His Son”, where no actor plays in their native language, Iglika Triffonova recounts: „That necessitated pedantic adherence to the script and we wanted to achieve the impression that the lines are being born at the moment, without any trace of improvisation. On the other hand, in “Lift for Patients” I took the liberty to work with the actors at regime of total improvisation. We were so excited that we decided to go even further so that every actor can add something personal to their role. As a result, they achieved a distinctive and intimate integration into the film’s dramaturgy. Not only are the actors interpreters but also objects of research – real characters…” Then she adds: “I am thrilled to watch these moments. I will always be very thankful to the actors for their trust and collaboration. I always ask myself, whether the public will discover the personal moments. I was happy to work with such famous artists as Hristo Garbov, Svetlana Yancheva, Boyka Velkova, Angelina Slavova, Yordan Bikov, and with the young actors Slava Doycheva, Mak Marinov, Alexander Benev and Tihomir Paunov. I can’t wait to share with the public the acting talent of those people…”  

The long-standing producer of Iglika Triffonova’s films - Rossitsa Valkanova, who participates in Sofia Film Fest also with “Godless”, the feature debut of Ralitsa Petrova, the big award- winner at Locarno, once again unreservedly backs up Iglika Triffonova’s script. Krum Rodriguez is the Director of Photography  and the music is written by Vasil Gyurov.

“Lift for Patients” premiere is scheduled for March, 10 at Lumiere cinema theater.