The musical drama "Giri" of the debutant Petya Yosifova-Hankins - with a premiere at the 26th Sofia Film Festival

The new Bulgarian feature film "Giri" (2021) is a poetic story about the growth of a generation and the aspirations of modern young people in our country.

"Giri" is a crazy story full of love and music (and drugs), in which many eccentric characters meet, and three devoted friends fall into a musical love triangle and embark on a "marathon" of time. "This script was written by the actors themselves," said its author Nikolai Georgiev in an interview. The work on the text lasted 4 years, and then quite naturally the film turned into a musical drama, as the screenwriter managed to weave elements of real life into his story. The main character - Giri, joins the city marathon and runs growing up, finds his love, gets into the theatre. Meanwhile, in a Sofia bar, a group of girls and boys are also looking for love - and finding it in their own way.

The plot focuses on the aspirations of young people in our time, to whom the big city opens up countless opportunities for realisation. In the course of its development, the story reveals different truths about the characters, eager to see themselves in different spheres of life. Young people are looking for contact and the opportunity to communicate not in a social network, but in real life - on the street, in the theatre, in nature.

The main roles are entrusted to students from the Alma Alter Theater-Laboratory - Georgi Arsov, Valeria Dimitrova, Simeon Vassilev, and the secondary roles are played by more famous actors, including Elena Petrova, Borislav Chuchkov, Nikola Dodov, Kiril Hadjiev-Tino and others. There is also a lot of music in the film, the work of Ivo Dimchev, Konstantin Kuchev and Georgi Arsov. The cinematographer of the film is Ivan Tonev, and the producers are Ivan Tonev and ARS Digital Studio.

"Giri" is a kind of replica of Nikolai Georgiev's first film as a screenwriter and director "Giraffe" (1988), based on the novel of the same name by Ivan Arnaudov, which won the Intervision Prize. Decades later, the reality is different and the life lessons that the younger generations need to learn are very different.

The director of the film Petya Yosifova-Hankins has a master's degree in “Art and Modernism” and is a doctor of art history at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”. She specialised in performing synthetic art at Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski''. Petya Yosifova is an actress and expert in management and production in the field of art and culture. She has experience in conducting various courses and workshops related to choreography and auteur theatre; she is also the deputy director and choreographer of the Alma Alter University Theater. Her work as a director is assisted by her experience as an actress and project manager at the 4xC Theater-Studio and DSVT, Gabrovo.