The new film by Kostadin Bonev "Geo Milev in the Labyrinth of Time", whose premiere will be part of the Sofia Film Festival

 Director Kostadin Bonev's documentary "Geo Milev in the Labyrinth of Time" (2021) seeks to answer the question "Why was Geo's voice unbearable for the official government?" Based on a screenplay by Konstantin Petrov and Kostadin Bonev, shot by cameraman Alex Samundzhi, the film stars respected Bulgarian actors and public figures - Hristo Karastoyanov, Margarita Mladenova, Ivan Dobchev, Vladimir Sabourin, Milena Ermenkova, Ovanes Torosyan, Stanislav Kertikov, and the voice of the narrator is Koyna Ruseva.

This film recalls and complements the facts of the nightmarish reality of the distant February in 1954, when ten mass graves were discovered in Sofia and its surroundings, in which, according to experts, 500 people were buried who ended their earthly journey with violent death. It is clear that the year of this mass murder was 1925. A glass eye was found in one of the graves near Ilientsi… The eye of the legendary poet Geo Milev…

"I think that even the greatest specialist who has been involved in Geo Milev's work all his life will find it difficult to explain what this magic is, what makes Geo Milev exceptional and important for our lives today," says director Kostadin Bonev in an interview with Anna Angelova in the "Library" of the Bulgarian National Television. - Whichever door we knocked on, in front of any institution we shared that we needed help in the process of working on this film - always and immediately the doors opened, everyone wanted to help us in some way ... The film has no chronological structure . It deals with several key moments in the life of Geo Milev. We start with his disappearance, and for us his attitude to his relatives, to his wife, to his father, as well as his attitude to the government was especially important ... Geo Milev was not afraid - never of anything ... "

The director Kostadin Bonev is the author of over 20 documentaries and four feature films, appreciated and loved by the audience and film specialists. Among them are "Eradication" (2017), "Vaptsarov. Five Stories of a Shooting (2013), “Europolis: The City of the Delta” (2010), “Patience of the Stone” (1998), “Letters to the Underworld” (1994), and the feature films “Far from the Shore” (2018) ), “The Sinking of Sozopol” (2014), “The Military Correspondent” (2008), “Heating Yesterday's Lunch” (2002). His works have been awarded dozens of prizes from festivals around the world. Five of his films have been awarded the Film Critics Award at the Golden Rhyton and Golden Rose Film and Feature Film Festivals. Three times he won the award for best film at the Awards of the Bulgarian Film Academy. "Geo Milev in the Labyrinth of Time" was produced by Trivium Films - Kostadin Bonev, with the support of the National Film Center. Its premiere will be at the 26th Sofia Film Festival in March.


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