Nadejda Koseva's "The Trap" officially opens the 28th Sofia International Film Festival on March 13 in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture

After São Paulo, Nadejda Koseva's new film "The Trap" will have its European premiere at the opening of the 28th Sofia International Film Festival. Created as a co-production between Bulgaria and Germany, the project has been presented in the Sofia Meetings programme as well as in the Sarajevo and San Sebastián markets.

This story will introduce viewers to a very special character - Bojeka is a screwball man with a highly developed sense of his own dignity, who lives in solitude on the banks of the Danube river in harmony with nature and the animals in his little zoo. When the local oligarch, with the support of the mayor and the police chief, starts a profitable for him but dangerous for the people project for a nuclear waste repository near the town, Božeka turns out to be the only person who can and dares to oppose him...

Nadejda Koseva created "The Trap" from a script by Boyan Papasov, with Alexander Trifonov in the title role, stripped down and extremely strong in his performance. In the film we will also see Yanitza Atanasova, Dan Nikolov, Mihail Stoyanov, Kamen Kalev, Nikolay Todorov, Nikolay Chobanski. Behind the camera is the cinematographer Kiril Prodanov, the artist is Ivelina Mineva, the music is by Asher Goldschmidt, the sound is by Momchil Bojkov and Andreas Hildebrand, and the editing is by Nina Altuparmakova. Produced by Vladimir Andreev (BEER Film), Herbert Schwering and Christine Kiauk (Coyne Film, Germany), with the support of the National Film Centre and in co-production with BNT. The masterful narrative and the gradual increase of tension rivet the viewer's attention, and the film places special emphasis - on the importance of preserving our human dignity in today's mad world, despite the terrifying impossibility of escaping the trap of the past, and on the symbiosis between humans and nature and the way in which negligence leads us to its doom.

"The Trap" is the second feature film by Nadejda Koseva. Her novella "The Ritual" is part of the omnibus "Lost and Found", which premiered at the Berlinale in 2005. In 2009, her short film "Omelette" won an honorable mention at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2011, her feature short "Take Two" received a Special Jury Diploma at the Sarajevo Film Festival. "Irina" is her first feature-length film, which has toured the world and won over 20 international awards since its premiere in Warsaw in 2018. The same year, Nadejda founded CinemaClass and together with her colleagues taught film art to children from all over Bulgaria.

The film "The Trap" is one of two Bulgarian works that will participate in the International Competition of the 28th Sofia International Film Festival in competition for the Grand Prize "Sofia - City of Cinema".

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