„My Father, My Mother, My Sister”

„My Father, My Mother, My Sister” by Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho will be among the special screenings at the 20th  Sofia Film Fest

This is the story of sisters Eva and Mya who share a father, but have different mothers. They go to the same school and their favourite pastime is commenting upon their teachers’ hidden secrets. One day they reveal a truly unusual secret concerning one of their teachers. While still recovery from the shock of this discovery, their life is fundamentally shaken by another event, related to their father…

This is a film through which I would like to share my love for people – says Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho, son of legendary Bulgarian actor Constantine Kotzev, in front of the press. – I believe in Tom Robbins’ words that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and at the same time I know people mature through their losses. Can murder be an act of love? I believe „My Father, My Mother, My Sister” gives one of the several answers to this question. And because a film is a work of art, it does not claim to be the highest instance on the subject.

The film is an urban story, which utilizes the natural set in Sofia – the Zoo, Borissova gradina Park, subway stations and other characteristic places in the capital city Sofia. Shosho’s co-writer is Ivan Markov („Господари на ефира”, „Комиците”, „Пълна лудница”), camera – Александър Станишев, starring the young Alexandra Kostova and Radina Borshosh, as well as superb actors as Yulian Vergov, Anny Papadopoulo, Radena Valkanova, Valentin Ganev and Stanimir Gamov; the film is produced by Nayo Titzin („Fourth Estate” - 2013) and Galina Markova („Ties” - 2015).

Here’s what cameraman Alexander Stanishev reveals in an interview for OFFNews.bg: „The most recent film I shot was „My Father, My Mother, My Sister” by director Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho. Yulian Vergov makes a great performance! But the biggest merit of the film is the leading actress: 14-year old Alexandra Kostova, who basically is a mini wonder!

„My Father, My Mother, My Sister” is the second full-length film by Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho after „Lora From Morning Till Evening” (2011), based on his debut novel of the same name and presented at the 15th Sofia Film Fest. Along with Stoyan Radev, Shosho is the director of the „Fourth Estate” series. His first short film „Reflection”, created with Andrey Koulev, wins the prize in the debut category of the „Golden Rose” festival in Varna. The film is selected for participation in the competitive program of several internationa festivals, among them Tampere and Montecatini.

Shosho’s immense curiosity for the world, with it’s magic dice and other oddities, makes him godd at whatever he undertakes. Born in Sofia in 1971, he graduates English philology at the „Kliment Ohridski” University in Sofia and TV and cinema directing in NATFIZ. He has translated novels by Truman Capote, Paul Bowles and Tom Robbins in Bulgarian. He has directed TV commercials, shows and projects in the audio-visual sphere. His second novel „Shrimp” was published last year.