"Every Thing Will Be Fine" – Wim Wenders’ new 3D masterpiece to have a special premiere at the 20th Sofia International Film Festival

After brilliantly applying 3D technology in his poetic essay about Pina Bausch and his "Pina" was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary film, one of world cinema’s greatest innovators Wim Wenders made his first 3D feature film "Every Thing Will Be Fine". Its world premiere was last year at the Berlinale where the director was awarded an Honorary Golden Bear.

The 20th Sofia International Film Festival’s program includes a triple Wenders 3D highlight – viewers can see "Pina", the exceptional documentary "Cathedrals of Culture" and his newest film.

"Every Thing Will Be Fine" tracks the consequences on Thomas’ (played by James Franco) life when he incidentally kills a child in a car accident. Will he manage to overcome what happened? Will he ever be able to look in the mirror and see a normal person, not a killer? The traumatic event leaves a lasting mark in Thomas’s mind and also plays an important role in his development as a writer.

Wenders described the film as "an intimate drama that tells the story of a man who sees the world through different eyes after suffering a traumatic shock." Words and the magic of the film’s technical perfection fuse into one. The writer creates a world marked by his own tragedy which constantly evokes indelible memories from the past.

“Initially the project might seem paradoxical since 3D cinema is still strongly identified with action films, commotion and extremes, - Wenders explains. - But I tell an intimate story where many of the things happen inside character’s heads and 3D cameras act as a magnifying glass. They literally gaze inside people and take x-ray shots of souls. When so many things are going on in the soul as in the case of writer Thomas, a 3D camera can see more precisely the reality of this person’s inner world. This technique has the ability to sharpen the visual image and we pioneered its use for a story with no action scenes. Here the dynamics are not physical but psychological. I’m sure that when such technologies are used to reinforce symbols in intimate drama, film will take on a new dimension, they will touch audiences in a new way by really bringing it close to the characters.”

"Every Thing Will Be Fine" is an ambitious coproduction between Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada, the USA and France. The script for Wenders’ dramatic 3D story is by Bjørn Olaf Johannessen whom the director met at the Sundance festival some years ago. Work on the film began in August 2013 in Montreal, Canada and stars James Franco and Charlotte Gainsbourg (Nymphomaniac, Melancholia, Antichrist by Lars von Trier).