Siegfried & Eric Truffaz feat. Artis Orubs cult concert will be part of the 20th Sofia International Film Festival!

Siegfried & Eric Truffaz feat. Artis Orubs cult concert will be part of the 20th Sofia International Film Festival!

The event organized in cooperation with Institut Français, will take place on 13 March at Sofia Live Club

Eric Truffaz, whom critics have called “the new Miles Davis” shows his creativity and talent by broadening contemporary jazz to include drum and bass and hip-hop.

Innovator Truffaz was born in a musical family. His father was a saxophone player in a jazz band. By the age of eight Eric was already trying to play his father’s instrument and at 13 he formed his first band, playing rock music. At 16 Trufazz heard Miles Davis and that changed his life forever. He studied music at the Chambery Conservatory. He played with Brazilian band Cruseiro do sul and had concerts in the US. In 1990 he established the Erik Truffaz Quartet which went on to win numerous awards, perform at festivals and become a part of hip-hop culture.

Between 1998 and 2006 Eric Truffaz recorded 12 albums with Blue Note, four of them with Erik Truffaz Quartet. Meanwhile in 2001 started a new project called Ladyland and recorded part of his albums with them.

Throughout his career Eric Truffaz never ceased to experiment and play in various projects with different musicians. One of his partners is Siegfried. The two will make music together in Sofia in March.

Siegfried is one of Sofia International Film Festival’s symbols. The festival’s shown all his films. Zig has had concerts in Sofia, held exhibitions, been a member of the international jury and even shot part of his film Kinogamma in the city’s outskirts. He was born in France in 1973. He’s composed the music for several European and Russian films. His debut short film La Faim (1996) was shown at the Cannes festival and his first full-length feature film Louise (Take 2) (1998) was part of the Sofia International Film Festival program and distributed worldwide. In 2003 he shot his second feature film Sansa (2003), winner of the Youth Jury Award at the Ghent International Film Festival and nominated for the Grand Prix at Sofia International Film Festival 2004. His films Kinogamma and Kids Stories were much appreciated by audiences at Sofia International Film Festival.

Siegfried and his band of independent musicians tour the world, both concert halls and streets are a suited stage for their artistic liberty. In parallel to these performances, Zig captures with his camera the images of people from small, little known villages. Except for being a musician and a director, Zig is a cameraman, photographer, film editor, writer and composer.

On 13 March Zig and Eric Truffaz will be joined on stage at the Sofia Live Club by Latvian musician Artis Orubs – a drummer, percussionist and producer who’s worked with musicians in various styles – jazz, funk, folk and electronic music. He graduated in the Netherlands and teaches percussion at the Latvian Musical Academy. Since 2012 he’s been a drummer with the Latvian National Radio orchestra.