With a screening of "MOON BLOW" The 26th Sofia Film Festival will celebrate 100 years since the birth of the legend NINO MANFREDI

Special guests at the event are the actress Roberta Manfredi and film director Alberto Simone

In partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute, the 26th Sofia Film Festival will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest actors in the history of Italian and world cinema - Nino Manfredi. On March 20, at 5.30 pm at the Cinema House, director Alberto Simone, who will evaluate the works in the Balkan competition of the festival, will personally present his film "Colpo di luna". A special guest in our country will be one of the daughters of the legendary comedian - Roberta Manfredi, actress and producer.

Italian actor, director, screenwriter, writer and singer Nino Manfredi was born on March 22, 1921. He has more than 100 roles in filmography - in films, TV series, on the stage, dozens of musical performances and three directorial films - in the 60s, 70s and 80s of the twentieth century; in the world of cinema he is recognized as one of the greatest Italian tragicomics, along with Alberto Sordi, Vittorio Gasman, Ugo Tognazzi… Manfredi was born in Castro dei Volsci, Lazio, in a family of farmers; at the insistence of his parents, in 1941 he enrolled in the law faculty of the University of Rome, and in the same year he made his debut as a presenter and actor in a theater in a parish in the capital. He graduated in law in October 1945, but never practiced it. Two years later he graduated from the Theater Academy, and his film career began in 1949 with "The Monastery of Santa Clara''.

In the 1960s, Manfredi became one of Italy's undisputed stars, starring in some of Dino Rizzi's most popular comedies. His notable films include The Bachelor (1955), “Venice, the Moon, and You” (1958), “Crime” (1960), “Doomsday” (1961), “The Executioner” (1963), and “I Knew Her” (1965, with Stephanie Sandrelli), "Operation Saint January" (1966), "Torture Me, But Love Me" (1968, with Ugo Tognazzi), "Universal Protest" (1970). In 1971, Manfredi presented his semi-autobiographical film "Between Wonders”, which won the directorial debut at the Cannes Film Festival, the Italian "Golden Globe" and many other festival awards. Among the audience's most beloved films were “Bread and Chocolate” (1973) and “We Loved Each Other So Much” (1974, with Vittorio Gasman and Stephanie Sandrelli). In the 1990s, Nino Manfredi starred in a series of successful television series and miniseries on RAI television, including the very popular “Linda and the Commissioner”. Nino Manfredi's last role was in Miguel Hermoso's Spanish drama “Divine Light” (20o3).

The film "Moon Blow" was created by Manfredi's friend, screenwriter and director Alberto Simone. The story is about an astrophysicist from Milan who inherits a country house in Sicily, who decides to restore it with the help of the closed, uncommunicative carpenter Salvatore (played by Nino Manfredi). He takes the task to heart and sets to work with the help of his son, who has difficulty developing his abilities. The work is quite slow and when the owner decides to check what is happening - he discovers that Salvatore has turned the house into a therapeutic community for people who need special attention and care. "Moon Blow" is a wonderful story that radiates warmth, humanity and projects its amazing emotional impact, thanks to the touching plot and talented actors.


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