The Oscar nominee and Golden Lion winner Milcho Manchevski will present his newest film "Bikini Moon" at 22nd Sofia Film Fest

One of the most successful directors on the Balkans, winner of the Golden Lion from Venice and a Foreign Language Oscar nominee for "Before the Rain", Milcho Manchevski returns to Sofia with his newest independent American film Bikini Moon.

Moving on the edge between reality and the imaginary, between what really happens and how we want it to be, the fifth feature film of the famous Macedonian director who has been living in New York for years, raises serious issues related to human values, ethics and morality. This "modern urban fairy-tale" uses the means of documentary filmmaking to pose the important question of how do we see the world through the media and how real, realistic and meaningful people are represented.

Through the eyes of a documentary film crew Trevor and his girlfriend Kate, Milcho Manchevski tells the intriguing story of Bikini Moon, a woman with a lively look, a wide smile, bold and impressive, but with visible mental problems. She lives on the street and, in her words, tries to get her daughter back, who is placed in a care home for socially disadvantaged people. The two find Bikini at a nursing home in New York and want to get her back to normal life. While they are looking for a home, they both realize how serious and frustrating Bikinis’ situation is. Eventually, Kate and Trevor invite Bikini to live with them at their home, but are tempted to use her story to reap fame in the film world..

Milcho Manchevski was born in 1959 in Skopje. He is a well-recognized photographer, author of experimental films, as well as nominated music videos for various music names. After his Oscar and Golden Lion nomination at Venice in 1994, his work Before The Rain is considered one of the "best 1000 films of all time", winning another 30 prizes from international festivals. After this success, Milcho Manchevski moved to New York and began teaching at New York University - Arts, Film and Television. The audience at Sofia Film Fest is also familiar with his other three feature films Dust (2001), Shadows (2007) and Mothers (2010), the last two being co-productions with Bulgarian participation.