"The Other Side of Hope" - the newest Aki Kaurismaki's film comes at 21-st Sofia Film Fest directly after Berlinale

The premiere of the latest film by renowned Finnish director is at 67-th edition of Berlinale (9-19 February 2017) - in the competition, he will compete for the coveted "Golden Bear".

"The Other Side of Hope" is the second of a trilogy conceived films dedicated to port cities that Aki Kaurismaki began in 2011 with "Le Havre". The story is about a traveling salesman whose path crosses that of Syrian refugees. The movie was filmed in the fall of 2016 in the Finnish capital Helsinki. Aki Kaurismaki is most famous contemporary Finnish director, well-known to the Bulgarian audience with its authentic author's style - he makes his films in their own scripts and produce them with himself created company Sputnik Oy.

"I make simple films - the goal is to be as clear and flexible as to be understandable without translation, even grandmothers in the Chinese province. That's my strategy - let the images speak. Would you want your messages to be understood in the world? Then try to create a film for international audiences - this is the best way for everyone to see in your eyes the world in which we live.

As Dostoevsky said - "Observations people." You will know them and understand better. I'm just a moral person, I'm not a moralist, and I find no reason to shoot films without moral message ... I am an admirer of Bresson ... for me he is God! His way of telling stories is uniquely simple, yet ingenious."Aki Kaurismaki

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