"Touch Me Not" from Adina Pintille, co-produced by "Agitprop", won the "Golden Bear" at Berlinale 2018

Berlinale 2018 has officially ended - with an official ceremony on Saturday, February 24 with the annual Awards Ceremony. We are proud to share with all the cinema lovers in Bulgaria that the bearer of "Golden Bear" for 2018 is "Touch Me Not" by the director Adina Pintilie which will be part of the Balkan Competition's selection on 22-th Sofia Film Fest in March.

"Touch Me Not" is a co-production between Romania, Bulgaria (Agitprop with the support of IA "National Film Center"), Czech Republic, France and Germany. The director Adina Pintilie has been part of the Jury for the Documentary Competition on 13th Sofia Film Fest.

Among the award-winning films is also "Dovlatov" - the creation of Aleksey German jr., which will be part of the program "CINEMA TODAY - MASTERS" of the 22nd Sofia Film Fest. The movie won "Silver Bear" for an exceptional artistic performance for his Costume Designer Elena Okopnaya.