TWO awards at FARA 2019 for the advertising campaign of 23-rd Sofia Film Fest "Make Cinema Not War" by guts&brainsDDB

50 years anniversary of the iconic Woodstock concert and one quick look at the history records of the most prestigious Bulgarian film festival, which began as Music Film Fest, were the main inspiration for the advertising campaign of the 23rd Sofia Film Fest in March 2019, when the audience hummed "Let there be light..." before the start of each screening.

There were special details and colors used in the festival's communication materials, binding the glimpse to the past with the cinema context of the present. The campaign for 2019 focuses on a specific vision inspired by the hippie-culture and the focus of the festival trailer was the message "Make Cinema, Not War!". The campaign won two prestigious awards in the creative categories.

▲ Category FILM, Sub-Category TV Advertising and Cinema Advertising - Social, Political, Media Campaign - S I L V E R (gold was not awarded)

▲ Category FILM CRAFT - G O L D

The 20th edition of FARA, the annual festival of the Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies (BACA), held its first award ceremony on June 7 (Friday) - during the event were presented awards in the categories FILM, AUDIO, PRINT, DIGITAL , CRAFT, IDENTITY, subcategory AMBIENT, CREATIVE USE OF MEDIA. As the organizers say, "the hall was full and hungry for ideas!"

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to our friends and traditional partners guts&brainsDDB and to MatchPoint Productions!

Congratulations to guts&brainsDDB- their team received the most important prize - AGENCY of the YEAR!