Bozhidar Petkov

"Music is a kind of magic, which can’t be described with words", this is how soundtrack composer Bozhidar Petkov describes his art and craft. Amongst his most popular work are the scores of films such as Advantage, Measure for Measure, Stolen Eyes and Voice Over. His biography also includes soundtracks to classics such as Black Swallow, Starting from the Scratch, Panteley and many others, whilst, in contemporary Bulgarian cinema Petkov has written the music for films such as A Day of Forgiveness, Fate as a Rat, A Leaf in the Wind and Farewell to Hemingway.

Bozhidar Petkov is a Laureate of prestigious achievements at both national and global forums. His work has been successfully recreated in countries such as Japan, Cuba, France, Germany, Russia, Luxemburg and many others.

Bozhidar Petkov was awarded the Sofia Municipality award for outstanding achievements in world cinema in 2010.