Giuliano Montaldo

The Italian feature, documentary and opera director Giuliano Montaldo made his feature debut with Tiro Al Piccione (1960) on competition at the 1961 Venice Film Festival. With his second film, Una Bella Grinta, Montaldo won the Special Prize of the Jury at the Berlin Film Festival in 1965, a film about a social climber in Italy during the time of the economic boom. After making a number of films for ‘Paramount’, Montaldo returns to Italy to film Gott Mit Uns (1969), Sacco E Vanzetti (in competition at Cannes Film Festival, where it won Best Actor in 1971) and Giordano Bruno (1973). These films received great recognition and were widely appreciated at various festivals around the world. In 1980 the director took part in the production of a television series about the expeditions of Marco Polo, an international co-production with RAI, BBC and NBC. It was filmed in Italy, the Middle East, Tibet, Mongolia and China. It was shown in 76 nations, and won 4 Emmy Awards. 

Giuliano Montaldo was awarded the Sofia Municipality award for outstanding achievements in world cinema in 2010.