Hugh Hudson

Hugh Hudson (born 25 August 1936) is an English film director. His best-known international success is the 1981 four Academy Award-winning film, Chariots of Fire. In the 1960s, after three years of editing documentaries in Paris, Hudson headed a documentary film company with partners Robert Brownjohn and David Camell. The company emerged with much success in the 1960s, winning many awards and pioneering a new graphic style for documentary and advertising films. He then began a career in advertising, producing and directing many advertisements. As one of the Sofia International Film Festival’s special guests Hugh Hudson shared his idea that every sport is a form of art and it teaches us different lessons. Nowadays unfortunately people have forgotten everything in their pursuit of acquiring finances, or competing with each other. ‘Sport is becoming more and more means of becoming famous and winning a lot of money.

You can read the interview with Hugh Hudson for our festival’s newsletter in the link.

Hugh Hudson was awarded the Sofia Municipality award for outstanding achievements in world cinema in 2012.