Director - Tudor Giurgiu
Script - Tudor Giurgiu
Camera - Alexandru Sterian
With - Alex Calangiu, Catalin Herlo, Ionut Caras, Iulian Postelnicu
Producers - Oana Giurgiu, Tudor Giurgiu
The revolution in Romania in the last days of 1989 was a confusing affair, because even in the euphoria of the "victory" over the Ceauşescu dictatorship, new authorities were already beginning to establish themselves. Tudor Giurgiu tells about this using the example of Sibiu: Viorel Stanese of the judicial police is arrested as a "terrorist" and imprisoned in an empty swimming pool with many other alleged enemies of the revolution. Giurgiu shows the revolution as a chaotic process of seizing power. A whole series of figures from the apparatuses, but also young representatives of civil society, find themselves on the wrong side of history. The empty swimming pool becomes a gathering place for the losers of the revolution, and thus a symbol of post-communist Romania.


Sarajevo ’23 – C.I.C.A.E. Award for Best Film


  • 22.03.2024
    CULTURAL CENTER G8 - 18.00 часа
  • 23.03.2024
    EURO CINEMA - 14.15 часа