Director - Zeki Demirkubuz
Script - Zeki Demirkubuz
Camera - Cevahir Sahin, Kursat Uresin
With - Miray Daner, Burak Dakak, Cem Davran, Umut Kurt, Melis Birkan, Osman Alkas
Producer - Zeki Demirkubuz
Co-producers - Rossitsa Valkanova
Hicran runs away from home when she is forced into an engagement with Rıza by her father. Rıza, who thinks that Hicran doesn't want to be with him, doesn't care at first. But when it begins to bother him, he decides to confront the situation and embarks on a long search for Hicran in Istanbul.

“Hayat is a story I wrote inspired by stories I have experienced, witnessed and heard over the years, and by lifelong observations. Although it may have the look of a youth and family drama set within a specific group of people, it is fundamentally an age-old story about human destiny, our helplessness in the face of it, and the sense of sheer impossibility that goes with it.” 
Zeki Demirkubuz


  • 17.03.2024
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 19.00 часа
  • 18.03.2024
    EURO CINEMA - 14.30 часа
  • 19.03.2024
    VLAIKOVA CINEMA - 19.00 часа