Director - Mladen Đorđević
Script - Mladen Đorđević
Camera - Dusan Grubin
Music - Kalin Nikolov
With - Tamara Krcunović, Leon Lučev, Momo Pićurić, Lidija Kordic, Ivan Djordjevic, Stefan Shterev
Producers - Milan Stojanovic, Mladen Đorđević
Co-producers - Martichka Bozhilova, Neda Milanova, Maria Drandaki, Ivan Marinović, Ankica Jurić Tilić, Anamaria Antoci, Ivica Vidanović, Nevena Savić

Five years after a factory fire claimed the lives of several workers and, with them, the primary livelihood of a rural Balkan town, the plant’s union is met with a debilitating blow in their fight for reparations. Long suspected of causing the fire in order to privatize their property, the owners have succeeded in evading legal consequence and the workers are cast as ungrateful nuisances, obstinate in the face of capitalistic progress. Stoic labour leader Ceca refuses to give up hope, but her position grows tenuous when the collective begins to develop a fascination with the pagan practices of its newest member, Mija. After Mija leads the union in a ritual that belies a satanic undertone, strange occurrences begin to be reported around town, including the enigmatic manifestation of a decrepit man, seen stalking the most corrupt citizens.


  • 18.03.2024
    CULTURAL CENTER G8 - 18.00 часа
  • 19.03.2024
    EURO CINEMA - 15.30 часа