Director - Kaloyana Klimentova
Script - Georgi Toshev
Camera - Boris Pintev
Music - Donka Angacheva
With - Donka Angacheva, Ekaterina Frolova, Lidia Baich, Ildikó Raimondi, Sandra Pires, Herbert Lippert, Milen Kukosharov
Producer - Georgi Toshev
Appassionata is a documentary about the creative and life path of the Austrian pianist of Bulgarian origin Donka Angacheva. The crew enters the working atmosphere of one of Austria's most popular classical musicians to explore the path of success. The work is a beautiful and dynamic journey in which we see the glamour of Vienna, soundtracked by the virtuoso piano performances of Donka Angacheva. The film tells the story of Donka's artistic initiative – Die Kunst in Österreich lebt weiter (Art in Austria lives on) – a series of concerts whose huge success eventually won her the Woman of the Year Award in the field of art and culture in Austria. Аppassionata also shows stages from the recording of Donka Angacheva's latest album “Childhood Memories”.


  • 27.03.2024
    ODEON CINEMA - 19.30 часа