Director - Nikolay Rusakiev
Script - Nikolay Rusakiev
Camera - Zdravko Ruzhev
Music - Dmitri Shostakovich, Sergey Prokofiev, Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, Eduard Artemiev
With - Martin Georgiev
Producer - Nikolay Rusakiev
In the spring of 2023, a journalist from Bulgaria was admitted to the other side of the front in Ukraine.
Martin Georgiev had already gone to Odessa, Nikolaev and Kiev, at the beginning of the war, when all the Ukrainians were fleeing in the opposite direction. And even then he asked to see the other side – Russia, Donetsk, and why not Mariupol.Being from a NATO member country – declared an “enemy state” by Russian President Putin – his admission there seemed impossible.But exactly one year after the beginning of the conflict, the journalist from Bulgaria received a visa and accreditation, after which he spent two weeks on the other side. Thus, Martin became probably the only person who was at the front on both the Ukrainian and Russian sides, and with military credentials from both belligerents.Moreover, he was certainly the last foreigner to visit the headquarters of the Private Military Company “Wagner” before Prigozhin's riot and his subsequent death.On the other side – there is either propaganda or nothing. This film will try to fill in the gaps. In place of the white spots to paint the pictures of war.


  • 26.03.2024
    ODEON CINEMA - 19.30 часа