Director - Todor Bashiyanov, Todor Karagyaurov
Script - Todor Bashiyanov, Todor Karagyaurov
Camera - Dian Zagorchinov
Cast - Toma Sprostranov
Producers - Todor Bashiyanov, Todor Karagyaurov
Toma Sprostranov is a legendary Bulgarian radio host, renown for many generations who have grown up with his voice and his records. At the age of 80, he still hosts his popular radio show and wins the competition for the longest hosting on air. He still attends festivals, searching for modern cool bands. And here comes the unexpected challenge! Toma, along with his records, meets his audience. Not on the radio this time, but face to face. In the heart of his beloved Plovdiv, connoisseurs from four generations can’t wait to see him.


  • 17.03.2024
    ODEON CINEMA - 17.00 часа