Director - Nicolas Philibert
Camera - Nicolas Philibert
With - Patients and carers of the Adamant day centre
Producers - Céline Loiseau, Gilles Sacuto, Miléna Poylo
Coproducer - Norio Hatano
The Adamant is a unique day-care centre. A floating structure located on the Seine in the heart of Paris, it welcomes adults suffering from mental disorders, offering the kind of care that grounds them in time and space and helps them to recover or keep up their spirits. The team running it tries to resist the deterioration and dehumanisation of psychiatry as best as they can.

“One of the great documentary filmmakers working today, Nicolas Philibert’s approach has everything to do with getting close to his subject. The question of trust is always central to a documentary filmmaker’s work and Philibert’s stance is perfect in that regard, especially for those who might have reason to mistrust their fellow humans. This gentle, enlightening film invites us to join the welcoming microcosm of the Adamant. In their company we may, as one patient suggests, decide in the morning to make sure that we will have a good day.”
Berlin International Film Festival


Berlin ’23 – Golden Berlin Bear, Nomination for Berlinale Documentary Award European Film Awards ’23 – Nomination fot European Documentary


  • 23.03.2024
    CULTURAL CENTER G8 - 18.30 часа
  • 04.04.2024
    ODEON CINEMA - 17.00 часа
  • 15.03.2024
    VLAIKOVA CINEMA - 19.30 часа
  • 20.03.2024
    CINEGRAND PARK CENTER - 19.00 часа
  • 25.03.2024
  • 27.03.2024
    CINEMA CITY SOFIA - 19.00 часа
  • 28.03.2024
    EURO CINEMA - 19.00 часа