Director - Sofia Coppola
Script - Sofia Coppola
Camera - Philippe Le Sourd
Music - Phoenix
With - Cailee Spaeny, Jacob Elordi, Dagmara Dominczyk, Ari Cohen, Tim Post
Producers - Lorenzo Mieli, Sofia Coppola, Youree Henley
When teenage Priscilla Beaulieu meets Elvis Presley at a party, the man who is already a meteoric rock-and-roll superstar becomes someone entirely unexpected in private moments: a thrilling crush, an ally in loneliness, a vulnerable best friend. Through Priscilla’s eyes, Sofia Coppola tells the unseen side of a great American myth in Elvis and Priscilla’s long courtship and turbulent marriage, from a German army base to his dream-world estate at Graceland, in this deeply felt and ravishingly detailed portrait of love, fantasy, and fame.

I was moved by Priscilla Presley’s memoir of her experience as a young woman at Graceland and have tried to capture what it felt like for her going into Elvis’ world and finally emerging to find her own life. It’s important to me as an artist to show the world through my character’s eyes without judgement.”
Sofia Coppola


Venice ’23 – Best Actress, Nomination for Golden Lion


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