Director - Pieter Van Eecke
Script - Pieter Van Eecke
Camera - Johan Legraie
Music - David Poltrock
Cast - Bo Vanhoorickx, Luca Cox
Producer - Hanne Phlypo
Thirteen-year-old Bo lives in a peaceful neighborhood, has a loving family, lots of friends and is doing well at school – a pretty perfect young teenage life. Like young people the world over, Bo is curious, questions everything and has a rebellious streak. As she follows the news, she can’t help become increasingly aware of the perilous state of our planet – not just in far-away places, but also closer to home, in Belgium. She decides to take up the fight against climate change and joins Extinction Rebellion, along with her close friend Luca. They occupy factory sites and highways, and soon grapple with the forces ranged against them. They are ignored, criticized and arrested, even spending time in police cells. As Luca proposes increasingly radical action, the more thoughtful Bo looks for her own way through the moral, ethical and practical dilemmas of our age.


  • 20.03.2024
  • 22.03.2024
    EURO CINEMA - 20.45 часа