Director - Pluton Vasi
Script - Bashkim Hoxha
Camera - Spartak Papadhimitri
Music - Hajg Zacharian
With - Karafil Shena, Rovena Kuka, Eri Shuka, Neritan Liçaj, Eni Shehu, Nikol Gazheli
Producers - Vjollca Dedei, Pluton Vasi
Co-producers - Dobromir Chochov, Kastriot Abdyli
Dancing with the Shadows collides with us in two times, the present day and the communist period, making us reflect on whether we have really changed or if we are the same. Flora, a journalist in a Western country, comes to her homeland to trace the early life of Mother Teresa and learns the painful story of her mother Miram and a family drama with the shadows of the past. Everything collides with the love of life. 


  • 16.03.2024
    ODEON CINEMA - 18.00 часа