Director - Nikolai Bogomilov (Timoteo)
Camera - Emil Topuzov
Producers - Marika Tosheva, Nikolai Bogomilov (Timoteo), Angel Stavrev
Cast -
Music -
Artist -
Costume designer -
Script -
Coproducer -
Medieval France. The protagonist is a student, different from others in that, he writes poetry and is very religious. Together with a group of friends they invade and destroy the public bathhouse as a place of vice. At night he is attacked, kills one of his attackers and has to flee. He ends up in a fairy tale kingdom, where the queen falls in love with him. The two talk about their love – sometimes instead of the Queen, the poet sees Death in the guise of an oriental beauty.


  • 21.03.2024
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 14.00 часа