Director - Ivan Vladimirov
Script - Boyan Biolchev
Camera - Rumen Vasilev
Music - Petko Manchev
With - Svejen Mladenov, Evelina Bibova, Matey Michev, Dobrin Dosev, Velislav Pavlov, Stanislav Peev, Lyudmila Slaneva, Lyubomir Bachvarov
Producers - Ilian Djevelekov, Matey Konstantinov, Georgi Dimitrov, Mila Voinikova
At beginning of the 19th century, the plague rages across the lands of Bulgaria. A wealthy man, chorbadhzi Yordan, and his son Yono retun home from a pilgrimage and find the villagers frightened, locked in and famished. Yordan opens the gates of his house, giving away the provisions he has stored. But when Yono shows symptoms of the plague, all hell breaks loose. The Black Death brings out people’s innermost fears, their worst and their best, and recalls atavistic instincts for survival.
Conceived and written long before the outbreak of the covid pandemic, the script bears striking resemblances to events and human behaviour we’ve witnessed during the past few years.


  • 19.03.2024
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 16.00 часа