Director - Ian Ianev
Script - Ian Ianev
Camera - Emilian Dechev
Music - Rado Minev
With - Filip Bukov, Dilyana Popova, Bashar Rahal, Galia Sarafova, Kristian Kirilov, Tita, Svezhen Mladenov, Zafir Radjab, Pavel Vladimirov, Ilia Georgiev
Producers - Ian Ianev, Yulia Nikolova

Anton is a 30-year-old artist who deals in forgery of paintings, money and all sorts of petty scams. Extremely brash, cynical and unscrupulous. He has few friends and many enemies. In addition, he borrowed money from the cruel gangster Sofia, who sent the mutt Stambata on his heels to collect the debt. Just when Anton is cornered by the printing press, Major Georgi Stoyanov appears – an ambitious, charming, smart, but at the same time unscrupulous policeman. He offers him, or rather forces him to get close to the rich business lady and patron Maria and find out if she hides the Picasso-Harlequin painting that disappeared ten years ago, and in return he will buy him some time in front of Sofia. A tangled game of cat and mouse begins between them all, in which only the most cunning and unscrupulous will win, and the prize is Pablo Picasso's priceless Harlequin.


  • 18.03.2024
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 15.30 часа