Director - Nadejda Koseva
Script - Boyan Papasov
Camera - Kiril Prodanov
Music - Asher Goldschmidt
With - Alexander Trifonov, Yanitza Atanasova, Dan Nikolov, Mihail Stoyanov, Kamen Kalev, Nikolay Todorov, Nikolay Chobanski
Producers - Vladimir Andreev, Herbert Schwering, Christine Kiauk
Bojeka is a eccentric man with a strong sense of his own dignity, who lives in solitude on the banks of the Danube in harmony with nature and the animals in his little zoo. When the local oligarch, with the support of the mayor and the police chief, starts a profitable for him but dangerous for the people project for a nuclear waste repository near the town, Bojeka turns out to be the only one who can and dares to oppose him.


  • 13.03.2024
    NPC – HALL 1 - 19.00 часа
  • 20.03.2024
    CULTURAL CENTER G8 - 14.30 часа