Director - Milana Vayntrub
Script - Marina Shifrin
Camera - Kai Saul
Music - Matt Friedman
Producers - Lisa Zambri, Ben Ellenberg
With - Milana Vayntrub, Rene Gube, Dimiter Marinov

A day after moving into her tiny dream house, Irina slips on a moving dolly, shattering her hip and breaking her arm. When her best friend and husband has to leave for a work trip, Irina's cynical, Soviet father comes to save the day. His one job is to wheel her to bathroom when she needs it, instead he uses the opportunity to fix everything in the house except their relationship.


Santa Clara ’23 – Best Actor – Dimiter Marinov


  • 24.03.2024
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 18.30 часа