Director - Silvio Soldini
Script - Cristiana Mainardi, Silvio Soldini
Camera - Sabina Bologna
Music - Mauro Pagani
Producers - Lionello Cerri, Cristiana Mainardi
An investigation into the depths of intimate relationships to understand where and why violence creeps in, often difficult to decipher but already threatening, giving rise to a spiral of evil that compromises existence. Most importantly: what is the first seed of violence? How can it be recognized? How can it be prevented, how can Another Tomorrow be imagined?  
A great human fresco, made up of the testimonies of perpetrators of violence, victims of abuse and stalking, orphans of feminicide, and all those who deal with the problem every day: state police, magistrates, lawyers, anti-violence centers, psychologists and criminologists.


  • 24.03.2024
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 14.00 часа