Director - Giorgi Mukhadze
Script - Giorgi Mukhadze
Camera - Dimitri Dito Dekanosidze
With - Ana Makharadze, Luka Lekishvili, Saba Abashidze, Ia Shugliashvili
Producers - Giorgi Kobalia, Titus Kreyenberg

Summer in Tbilisi. Amo, Jessica and Guro, three teenagers get caught up in a frenzy of drugs, sex and water polo. A fatal love story. 

“This is not the story of my life, but it could have been. It didn't take place in that chronological order, but the story that unveils in the film did occur. It might have happened to me, it might have happened to my Yezidi friend who still serves time in a Greek prison, or even to my classmate girl who was a diver. I did not invent this story. I just collected my memories and that of others and put them back together. To be fully honest, I did not even collect them, they have been brewing inside of me only to become the narrative for this film.”
Giorgi Mukhadze


  • 21.03.2024
    EURO CINEMA - 18.00 часа