Rousy Chanev

Intellectual, great manipulator and genius actor. These are just some of the descriptions given to Rousy Chanev by his colleagues and audiences. In his honour, the Sofia International Film Festival audiences had another chance to relish his acting in Georgi Djulgerov’s masterpiece Advantage. There have been numerous writings dedicated to Chanev’s work in cinema and theater. The actor himself has written many pages, as writing is his other artistic passion. The audiences know that he co-wrote Advantage and Measure According to Measure with Djulgerov.

Rousy Chanev is born on the 18th of September, 1945 in Bourgas. In 1967 he graduates from Professor Boyan Danovski’s class in acting. He has worked at the ‘Dramatichen’ Theater in Plovdiv, ‘Mladejki’ Theater, Sofia Theater, ‘Naroden’ Theatre Ivan Vazov. In 1990 he launches the ‘Zad Kanala’ Theater with some colleagues where he is a director for two years. In his 30 year career, Chanev has played over 100 roles in theater, television and cinema. In cinema and television films we have had the pleasure to see him as The Student Nai Dulgata Nosht, Velko in Ponedelnik Sutrin, Jacque Moirés in Osudeni Dushi, The Rooster in Advantage (FBIF award, 1978), The Poet in Iluzia (SBFD award, 1980), Dilber Tanas in Measure According to Measure (FBIF award, 1982), Constantine in Constantine Filosof (FBIF award, 1986), Priest Aligorko in Time of Violence, The Young One in Golgota, The Seminarist in Sulamit and many others. His collaborations with director Georgi Djulgerov are particularly successful.

Rousy Chanev was awarded the Sofia Municipality award for outstanding achievements in world cinema in 2011.