Vasil Mihaylov

Vasil Mihaylov, born in Stara Zagora, is famous and loved because of his dozens of roles in Bulgarian theater and cinema. He comes from a refugee family from Marash, West Thrace. In 1964 he graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov" - in the class of Prof. Mandadzhiev. Few know that Vasil Mihaylov was a matrix-maker at the "Svetlina" factory in Stara Zagora (between 1964 and 1967) before starting his career in the actor's vocation. He then worked at the Haskovo Drama Theater where he was director (between 1965 and 1966) and at the Bulgarian Army Theater, where he worked since 1967 to this day. In 1990 Vasil Mihaylov was elected a member of the Grand National Assembly of Bulgaria, a member of the Union of Democratic Forces since 1973. Most popular is the performance of Petko Voyvoda's role in the TV series "Captain Petko Voivoda", beloved by several generations of Bulgarian audience.

"I can be reproached for many things, except for three - that I did not provide the best quality of life for my family, that I did not looked after my children and that I did not keep up a certain level," says in an interview for "Biograph" magazine "the locksmith who became Richard the Third" ...

Legendary Vasil Mihaylov has more than 100 roles in Bulgarian cinema and theater, as well as a serious participation in the screenings and television theatrical productions. Besides the image of Captain Petko Voyvoda, no one will forget his emblematic roles in so many Bulgarian films like Ibryam Ali in Milen Nikolov's "End of the Song", Suleiman Aga in Lyudmil Staykov's "Time of Violence", Nerezanov in "Margarit and Margarita" by Nikolay Volev, Han Krum in Vladislav Ikonomov's "The Day of the Rulers", Uncle in "My Friends call me Old Chap" by Ivailo Hristov, Khan Kubrat in "Khan Asparuh" by Lyudmil Staykov, General Nikiforov in "Alone among the Wolves" by Zaco Hesicia, the father of the girl in "Thirst" by Svetla Tsotsorkova and many other character roles.

Vasil Mihaylov was awarded the Sofia Municipality award for outstanding achievements in world cinema in 2018, on the eve at his 80th anniversary.